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Working since 1996, in the north of Portugal, Vizelpas Lda. stands out in the market of flexible packaging as a company of excellence in the production of flexible technical films suitable for food and medical-surgical industries.

At the present time, Vizelpas has a covered area of 12000 sqm and counts on the dynamism of 150 employees and industrial equipment of latest generation in order to respond assertively to the constant markets challenges and customers expectations.

Our laboratory is fully equipped which allow us to monitor and support all our industrial activity, and it also supports on the development of new products.

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Vizelpas Ltd, was founded in 1996 in the north of Portugal. The company started its activity with the resale of flexible packaging and cardboard boxes for the textile industry.
In 1998 were held the first investments in productive equipment. The company has acquired a polyethylene extruder and a cutting machine. The company’s gradual growth announced in 2003 the need of a new infrastructure where it could be possible the increase of the production capacity of the company.
In 2005, the crisis in the textile sector became a serious problem and that was the moment to chart a new direction: the strategy of the company turned to be the production of flexible packaging for the food industry and to the international market.
The internationalization process began in 2008 with the sale of products to Spain and France. The continuous growth of the business and the constant demand of the food industry impulse new investments. This time, the company invested in larger infrastructures (2010) and in new production and monitoring equipment that allowed us to expand the range of products available in the market. Between 2010 and 2016 the company continued to invest in new equipments and acquired two co-extruders (7 and 9 layers co-extruders), 1 rewinder and invested in the BRC certification.
Today, the company exports to Spain, France, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Morocco and Tunisia. The turnover resulting on exports represents about 45% of total turnover.

Our mission is based on six key principles:

Partnerships with our customers and suppliers.. The partnerships that we foster with our customers and suppliers allow us to add value to our products, to develop and to innovate.
• Providing quality, safe and suitable products for contact with food.
Development and innovation of products that can reply to the markets more and more demanding, evolved and concerned.
• Effective management of our human resources, promoting teamwork, loyalty and commitment to the company’s mission.
Sustainability policies, taken not only to create value for the company, but also for society and the environment.
• Policies with minimal environmental impact either by using raw materials with lower environmental impact and Oxo-biodegradable products or by producing technical films with lower thicknesses.

The continuous development of our products and search for innovative solutions are the key principles that have allowed us to stand on the food and medical-surgical markets.
Having always in mind the development, Vizelpas Lda bet on the creation of a multidisciplinary team formed by employees from different departments: purchases, sales technician, lab technician, development, quality and production technician to develop innovative solutions and products according to customers’ specifications. This development is only successful because Vizelpas Lda gives preference to the close relationships with its customers and with its raw material suppliers and other research entities such as AIMPLAS and Minho University. Allied to these partnerships, the company constantly seeks to invest in the latest machines that enable the implementation of improvements and innovations without neglecting products quality.

The co-extrusion of technical films up to 9 layers is the main activity of the company.
Our company has productive equipment that enable us the production of coextruded technical films in 5, 7 and 9 layers. Combined to the productive equipment, the company also invests in other complementary equipment that allow the control of various specifications of the film during extrusion, ensuring the quality of our products. In this way, we can match the expectations of our customers and markets that are increasingly looking for customized solutions. We produce films with peel and antifog properties with specific specifications of pigmentation or sealing.

Printing up to 8 colors. Lamination (solvent free). Bag converting.
In addition to extrusion, we produce printed films in flexography up to 8 colors and laminated films without solvents.

Vizelpas seeks to maintain a close relationship with its customers, searching to understand their needs and problems so together find the best solutions.
Customers are the engine of our company. The constant evolution of consumer behavior and markets are the reason of development and innovation. So we always try to be close to our customers and suppliers to find together the best solutions to the challenges presented. The solutions go through monitoring and assisting the customer in choosing the best materials and compositions for final applications, as well as following and giving support throughout the entire process: introducing the purchase order, tracking it and logistic. Our team is also available for technical support after delivery.

Why choose us?

  • Constant investment in the latest equipment.
  • Because we are always ahead concerning innovation.
  • We have a multidisciplinary with a vast know-how team.
  • Wide range of technical solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.
  • Because we build close and trust-based relationships with our customers.